Total Utility Management Services, LLC is an independent, results-oriented utility/energy management firm working solely for the benefit of our clients. Our firm offers uncompromised account management, as we are not affiliated with any supplier or product offering. Our expertise in the energy markets and the service we provide is our only service offering, Total Utility is pleased to provide you with an array of utility management services from which you may choose the utility and service level that fits your needs. Our services handle the administrative tasks that are the most time consuming aspect of utility management, leaving your firm to focus on its core competencies. Our full energy management services consist of four major areas of focus but are not limited to:

1.) Procurement- Competitive sourcing where available

2.) Nominations and Balancing

3.) Customized Accounting, Invoice Processing, and Reporting

4.) Website Services-Data archiving

Our office is conveniently located in West Houston and is comprised of senior utility managers. Our management team brings decades of experience managing accounts throughout North America for numerous Fortune 500 companies with multiple facilities. We currently manage a $1.1 billion annual energy spend for our clients throughout North America and perform international consulting on a case by case basis. To date, our international work includes Canada, Western Europe, Mexico, and South America. Our specialty is energy problem solving, asset optimization, and thinking outside of the box. These attributes are the reason for our long-term partnership with our clients. With our management expertise, we will earn your long-term business by providing energy value well beyond our fee structure.