Advantages of using total utility management services, LLC (TUMS) 


Knowledgeable- TUMS is results and team oriented with decades of energy management experience. Senior Management has been involved in Energy Management since 1981.

Independent- TUMS is a fully-disclosed firm with no supply chain affiliations. Everything we do is on behalf of the client who receives 100% of the benefits we deliver.

Experienced- TUMS has clients located throughout North America, including Canada and Mexico, from a wide variety of industry segments.

Convenient- TUMS will provide single person contact for all issues, questions and results. This allows clients to maintain a stable energy program for all their facilities and focus on their own core business.

Focused- TUMS is customer focused and optimizes client's energy costs producing maximum savings.

Sustainable- TUMS will not only help design an energy management plan, but will implement this plan and will continue to manage going forward on a daily basis.

Innovative-TUMS is flexible and creative. We are here to help clients save time and money on their energy program and will customize to their specific needs.

Affordable- TUMS is a low cost provider of complete energy management services